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Eric Liddell
"Pure Gold"
by David McCasland.

Eric Liddell’s former roommate in China internment camp celebrates his centenary and the time of his life
Olympic runner immortalised in Chariots of Fire would have been best man at my wedding if he’d lived, says Joe Cotterill, who met the two loves of his life in the Japanese wartime Weihsien internment camp in Shandong province
27 APR 2017

Eric Liddell's grave in 1991

A marker at last for the devout hero of “Chariots of Fire”
Special to the New York Times

December 2, 1990
Eric Liddell, the extraordinary runner whose brief, brilliant athletic career was ...

from Christine Sancton's photo album:
Mr. Cerrino and Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell: Pure Gold
David McCasland

Eric Liddell's Tientsin-born daughters in 2015 at the 70th anniversary celebrations in Weifang - China.

Eric Henry Liddell
(16/1/1902 - 21/2/1945)

Eric Liddell was a missionary of the London Missionary Society and hero of the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. Liddell taught science in ...

Eric Liddell's grave as it was in 1945

Dear Chefoo & Weihsien friends and colleagues;
This Monday, 21st, February will mark the 60th anniversary of our beloved hero Eric Liddell's passing.
You will be interested to know ...

--- the begining of the legend ---

The journalist writes:

"It was a typically selfless act. Eric Liddell, the iconic Scottish Olympic athletics champion, turned down an offer of liberation by Winston Churchill from a wartime internment camp in China in favour of another prisoner, it was claimed ...

By Stephen. A. Metcalf.

As Eric lined up for the 400 meters Olympic final. A masseur stepped up to him handing him a piece of paper, on it were written the simple words. “Those who honour me I will honour.” 1 Samuel.2.30. Little did he know just how ...

ERIC LIDDEL Remembered

Missionaries share recollections of Eric Liddell, "Chariots of Fire" hero, whom they knew as a fellow prisoner in the Japanese concentration camp in WeiHsien, China.

Dedication of Eric Liddell Memorial Stone at Weifang, China, June 9, 1991

Left to right: Charles Walker, Norman Cliff, David Michell, Peggy Judge, a niece of E.L.

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Beyond the Chariots of Fire
... by James Taylor III

"Eric Liddell's Greatest Race"
by: Duncan Hamilton
In Issue:
January/February 2017

He is crouching on the start line, which has been scratched out with a stick across the parched earth. His upper body is trust slightly forward and his arms are bent at the elbow. His left leg is planted ahead of the right, the heels of both feet raised slightly in preparation for a sringy launch ...

Thursday 07.08,2008

"We children became his priority. When we had a hockey stick that needed mending, it was Uncle Eric who would truss it up with strips made from his bed sheets and with stinking glue melted down from horses' hooves. It was him who made sure that we did not give up hope. ...

November-December 2008.

Man of faith: Eric Liddell in his missionary days in China before he was interned in a POW camp.

Band played on as Scots Olympic hero lay dying in a Prisoner of War camp.
Beautiful hymn that soothed Liddell's pain
Evening News
Thursday, January 14, 1999

As he lay dying in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp; Olympic legend Eric Liddell heard the strains of a brass band floating through the stale air of his room.
A devout Christian, he asked the makeshift ...

Eric Liddell in 1925
by Eileen SOPER

Eric Liddell is in the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

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Power Point Show
about Eric Liddell's life
by Jeff Rickert