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From Gordon Helsby ...

... first picture after Camp ...

in 1961 --- Sandra and Gerry (standing) Sheryl and Gordon (seated)

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Sandra Kay, 18 months, during house arrest period.

Compound wall showing barbed wire and guard towers.

The repatriation ship sails.

a telegram

Furlough 1947, with baby, Gery, preparing to return to China.

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Weihsien Concentration Camp

A typical bill from merchant Han.
The total amount is FRB$3,510 equal at the time to US$ 174.84

Sandra in camp with homemade wheelbarrow.

Liberated ...

On furlough 1961. Children: Sandra and Gery (standing) Sheryl and Gordon (seated).

August, 1945

Typical row of 9 by 12-foot rooms where families lived.

Comfort Money Regulations.

U.S. plane over Block-23 after liberation.

With friends, Mary Scott and Marcy Ditmanson, back in Peking after release from camp.

Dr. John Hayes about 1954.

Mr. & Mrs. Helsby's wedding day, Dec.23, 1939

Kitchen No.1 where Meredith worked

The Peking Chronicle

One of the leaflets dropped by U.S. planes.

Colonel Wedemeyer.

Mr. & Mrs. Helsby.
... retired.