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... from Brian Butcher,

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... my parents,

The Moon Gate.

Rev. Butcher's Weihsien Badge ---

liberation --- at last --- August 1945

liberation --- at last --- August 1945

... as I was watching the movie I suddenly sat up and to my surprise there was a picture of my folks, Will and Elsie Butcher, and myself walking in a lineup presumably on our way to the Camp. I made a screen shot and there we were in a picture I had never seen before. I would love to know who took it but nevertheless it was a delight to see it.

... a visit to Weifang.

... a Street ...

By Brian Butcher

Departure from Weihsien ...

British Army Band welcomes Internees at Tsingtao ---

... a gate in the Weihsien Compound.

... a street in the compound ...

... arrival at Tsingtao.

Guard of Hounour ...

... more RED CROSS messages ...

... a gate in the Weihsien Compound.

Brian Butcher's Weihsien Badge ---

... RED CROSS messages
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... aboard the Man of War