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Brian Butcher's
... photo album ...

picture of my parents circa 1942 prior to Weihsien. ... © Brian Butcher.

... as I was watching the movie I suddenly sat up and to my surprise there was a picture of my folks, Will and Elsie Butcher, and myself walking in a lineup presumably on our way to the Camp. I made a screen shot and there we were in a picture I had never seen before. I would love to know who took it but nevertheless it was a delight to see it.

[excerpts] "The Enemy Within" by Father deJaegher:

... "and this was the first fine opportunity they had had to make affective anti-foreign propaganda. From my car window I could see official Japanese photographers hopping all over the Peiping station with their cameras, taking still pictures; several more had set up motion-picture cameras at different points and were concentrating on footage of the Peiping foreign residents carrying their own luggage. Everybody had bags, boxes, and valises, whatever they could carry, and some of the women were pushing small wheelbarrows. The loading of the train was greatly delayed in order that the photographers could get thousands of feet of film of this parade of humiliation to impress the Chinese citizens with Japanese power and make the white foreigners "lose face." Chinese amahs, separated from the children they had cared for since babyhood, wept openly, and the children had to be torn away from last embraces with their beloved Chinese nurses by frantic parents.

All of us on the train saw this drama on the station platform, and we watched the performance, saddened and apprehensive, knowing that our turn would come when we had to change trains. That came sooner than we expected, for while there was ample room for all on this prisoners' special, we were ordered out of the cars, then packed into two trains to Tientsin, and there we had to change trains again. These changes were equally unnecessary, but all this was done to impress the Chinese and annoy and exasperate us.

When the Tientsin foreigners. joined us, the Japs routed the train south to Tsinan, in Shantung Province. Once again we changed trains for the benefit mostly of the Japanese still and motionpicture cameramen, and chugged on for another full day to Weihsien. ... etc.

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liberation --- at last --- August 1945

liberation --- at last --- August 1945

... arrival at Tsingtao ...

... leaving Weihsien ... without regrets ...

Guard of Honour ---
The Guard of Honour which is supposed to be the "guard" for internees from Peking going to the station to board the train.

... aboard a Man of War ...

British Army Band welcomes Internees at Tsingtao ---
This picture is of the British Army band welcoming internees in Tsingtao. I believe they are near or on the train station.