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WEIHSIEN March 1943 - October 1945 -- PICTURE GALLERY:
This website has been created with the help of survivors -- most of whom were children during World-War-II -- imprisoned in the Weihsien Concentration Camp in Shantung Province, China. All the documents, paintings, sketches, texts and memories have been assembled here for a better view of what they have endured for so many long days in 1943, 1944 and 1945.
Children, whoever they are and wherever they be, ... are always the innocent victims of incomprehensible conflicts originated by "grown-ups." This is as true today as it was then -- all over the world.

Leopold Pander, (webmaster, ex-prisoner of Weihsien and 4 years old in 1945 ---)

Located two miles east of Weihsien, the American Presbyterian Compound in Weihsien was known by the Chinese name of "Courtyard of the Happy Way." Its Shadyside Hospital, constructed in 1924, was considered one of the best constructed mission hospitals in North China. However, by the time internees arrived, all usable equipment had been looted or carried off. Student dormitories, consisting of rows and rows of rooms, as well as large buildings originally used as classrooms and libraries, housed the internees. One of the largest camps in China, Weihsien housed, at one time or another, almost 2,250 internees. Two internees who escaped provided information on the camp to OSS operatives in Chungking, while remaining in the vicinity of the camp with Nationalist guerrillas. At the end of the war Weihsien was the scene of an exciting drama when a seven member OSS team parachuted near the camp and were welcomed by the overjoyed internees. Afterwards, Chinese Communist guerrilla activity prevented the evacuation of the camp. After an initial group was removed by rail to Tsingtao, the railway line was blown up. Internees were finally airlifted out by Army Air Force planes.

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... a series of declassified documents, confidential reports, telegrams, etc...
... all about civilian prisoners in China during WWII.

... a series of documents from Norman Cliff's scrap books, in relation with the escape of two prisoners in June 1944.

... a series of declassified documents, in relation with our libeation by the Americans in August 1945.

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Artist's impression of the front gate of Weihsien Camp.
Sketched by Hugh Hubbard

A summarised idea of what is within ...

by SGM Herbert A. Friedman

What is the New Order in Greater East Asia?

From Mr. Mansell's website:

Page One of authorization for Guards to flee because of mistreatment of POWs Dated 20 Aug 1945, 5 days after the surrender.
Page Two of authorization for Guards to flee because of mistreatment of POWs Dated 20 Aug 1945, 5 days after the surrender.

... books mostly about Weihsien and China during WWII.

... en Français dans le texte.

... all about the Seven Magnificent Men ...

The Children of Weihsien
1943 - 1945

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