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January 15, 2019 .... three new sketches from John Hoyte's Weihsien Sketchbook ... [click here]

January 4, 2019,

... new excerpts from John Hoyte's book:

April 5, 2018

Two letters from Weifang: ... Eddie Wang ... and ... Zhang Xingtai ... [click on the pictures]

July 3, 2017

- New chapter :

June 15, 2017,

Opened a new chapter: From Chris and Lisa HANNON with a photo of the Commandant's Samurai Sword ! [Click on the picture]

16 February, 2017

Ray's autobiography, go to the bookstore on his website :

16 February, 2017

... by courtesy of Sylvia Prince, née Churchill : a few excerpts of her book: [click here]

20 January 2017,

... the geography of China in 1932 ... click here ... (in French)

September 18, 2016

... a new book about WeiHsien ... [click here]

January 29, 2016

New documentary thanks to CCTV : .... [click here]


October 4, 2015

New Chapter (unfinished) 70 years commemorations of our liberation in Weifang:

September 6, 2015

From Mary Previte, ... audio recording: and a URL to:

September 5th, 2015,

Two new entries in Ida Talbot's diary,

August 11,

More paintings from Jacqueline de Saint Hubert, now Solange Mac Lean,

August 1

From Anne de Jongh's autograph book ...click here

July 3,---

New chapter: " 70 Years After "

June 8,

... from Mary Previte :

June 1, 2015

... from Mary Previte: and and [click on the pictures]

May 20th,

... new article about WeiHsien, ... [click on the picture]

May 8th, 2015

Found : the Seventh member of Stanley Staiger's DUCK-team ... Click here [click on the photo]

February 20, 2014

... new article about Weihsien, ... click here click here

January 24, 2014,

new document ... excerpts from Mary Scott's book: Kept In Safeguard ... click here

October 3st, 2013

More about the Pamela Werner's (mysterious) murder in Peking ...

October 25, 2013

... new document: -------------------------------------- [click here]

October 1st, 2013

New chapter from Joëlle LEY ... click here

July 20, 2013,

... a Winter's day in Weihsien ... by Peter Bazire, ... click here

May 30, 2013


Mary Previte's unabridged interview at NPR: ---

Front page of the Alliance Times-Herald, April 24, 2013 : ---

May 14, 2013

from: "WWII Veteran's Passing Stirs Memories Of Rescue"

May 13,

Book: Bringing Mulligan Home by Dale Maharidge: ... click here

May 11,

- Mary Previte's eulogy for Tad Nagaki : .... click here

April 20, 2013

- translated into English by Gay Stratford, née Talbot : [Scroll to the botom and click on the UnionJack]

November 6,

Book: "Midnight in Peking" --- click here

October 19,

Book: "Un Moine d'Aujourd'hui" (Father "Steel-Hammer") ... click here


October 16,

Book: "An Intrepid Woman" by Patrick M.R. Gibson click here [click on the book]

October 13,

Website Map click here

January 21,

New "adds" from Ray Moore, --- click here

January 17, 2012,

Excerpt from Ida Talbot's diary --- click here

November 22,

By courtesy of Ray Moore, you can now download/read/print his book: Moondani Kyema, --- click here

November 18, 2011

---- Mrs Ida Talbot's Weihsien Recipe Book, --- click here

October 21, 2011,

Books, --- click here click here click here [click on the pictures]

September 21,

all about a "Beautiful, beautiful Stew", --- click here [click on the picture]

September 20,

--- in Memoriam, ---click here

August 18,

From Donald Menzi --- read the complete story of the : click here

August 17, 2011

By courtesy of Dr. Christina D. Spink: [click here]

July 15,

--- more about Helen Burton's Elephant Shop --- click here [click on the picture]

July 7, 2011

--- the Len Mapes' story ... click here [click on the picture]

July 3, 2011

more Songs from Weihsien --- and --- letters

May 19,

Topica archives 2010 --- now up to date --- click here

May 14, 2011

--- more about Father Van Genechten: --- click here

January 13, 2011

--- from Mary Previte, "He Will Not Forsake My Children", September 1983: --- click here

December 12,

- more info about Father Van Genechten by Jonathan Henshaw :

- About Chefoo School in Weihsien, by Peter Bazire --- click here

October 30th,

- from Jonathan Henshaw, ---- about Ahmed Kamal: click here and his M.A. thesis: click here

September 19, 2010

"found in Dad's papers" ---- (from Kim Smith) ---- click here

July 6,

- Album: "The Children of Weihsien" --- (282 pages) (updated --- July 17, 2010)

June 8, 2010

- 3 new pages from Joyce Bradbury's autoghraph book: --- click here


- 2 new audio recordings from Mary Previte: click here & click here

May 5,

The books I read in camp (by Stanley Nordmo) --- click here [click on the books]

April 11,

8 new pages from Gay Stratford-Talbot's autograph book click here [click on the picture]

April 6,

new add from Gay Startford-Talbot's autograph book: click here

April 5,

Jason Nagaki's video & photos for: click here :-) [click on the picture]

March 22,

The "ALBUM" : --- click here

February 2,

Tad Nagaki's 90th birthday: Mary Previte's photos --- [click on the picture]

January 22,

December 21

--- new add from Jonathan Henshaw, --- click here

October 19th


October 1st,

from Audrey Nordmo's Autograph book : click here

From Peter Bazire's Nature Diary: click here

August 17,

click here -- a new 3-part story about Tad Nagaki --- - [click on the pictures]

August 13,

James Taylor's Bird Diary now complete:

August 1,

--- a research visit to Weifang, by Jonathan Henshaw: --- click here [click on the camera]

July 1,

[click on the picture]

May 18,

--- click on the picture: click here

April 17,

Audrey Nordmo's visit to Nebraska: click here [click on the picture]

March 22,

a book in French: "Le Gué du Ciel" (Tientsin): click here par Jacqueline Dubois


March 21,

CCTV - screen captures: click here - (the captions (if any) are at the top-left of the ZOOMED image's window.)

March 6,

--- a new document from Greg Leck: click here

March 1st,

Thanks to Pamela Masters, --- a new photo: the Salvation Army group -- click here [click on the picture]

February 22,

all the new links are now active in Kim's chapter: click here

February 15,
from Father Hanquet's "Mémoires" a new chapter translated:
In a Country Embroiled in Civil War

Translated by Albert de Zutter

February 14,

new photos from Kim's private collection:

February 1st,

--- new documents: [click here]

January 17,

new translation into English by Gay Talbot-Stratford: Hanolien

January 6, 2009

[click here]

December 10,

& click on the link: Tad Nagaki ---

Decembre 5,

new translation into English by Gay Talbot-Stratford: Hongdong & Hanolien

December 3,

Two new chapters from Stephen Metcalf:


November 22,

Translations from Father Hanquet's Chapter --- so far --- [click here]

November 8,

Erratum --- from Stephen Metcalf

November 4,

--- new extracts from Stephen Metcalf's book: -- FREEDOM TILL ARRIVAL IN AUSSIE

October 25,

--- CCTV documentary about Weihsien Camp

October 16,

a new video --- Mary Previte meeting with James Moore for the first time at the U.S. Senate in Washington: click here

October 14,

From Father Hanquet: "First letter home" --- translated by Albert de Zutter ---- [click here]

October 3,

Father Hanquet's book --- translations so far:

Biography, by Ron Bridge
Origins of a vocation by Albert de Zutter

October 2,

new add by Peter Bazire, "The Weihsien Sympnony Orchestra" --- [click here]

August 11, 2008

More memories from Father Hanquet's computer ---

August 3,

New photo with Eric Liddell from Christine Sancton's photo album:

July 16, New chapter:

By Stephen. A. Metcalf.

June 05,

Thanks to Terri Stewart, --- more info about Alice Moore who lived in Block-21 --- [clicking on Block-21 will bring you to Ron Bridge's listings --- Once on that page: click on "Alice Moore" --- ]

May 12,

Two voice recordings of August 1945, Stanley Staiger for the "DUCK" team and Lt. Zimpleman (aviator) -- click here

March 16,

Very recent photos from Mr. Sui Shude click here for slide show

March 16,

--- photographs of Weihsien taken in 1908 by Eric Gustafson's grand father ---

January 20,

Weihsien, "My First Class Journey" --- by Peter Bazire --- click here [click on the picture]

January 14,

--- new chapter from Terri Stewart, with two letters: click on the envelopeand more to come ---

January 10, 2008

a bit more about spam ---click on the picture

December 18,

Tribute to Tad Nagaki in Alliance, Nebraska --- click here

Decamber 15,

visit Weihsien with Brian Butcher --- click here

October 30th,

more from Peter Bazire's diary --- click here

October 25,

Read "Forgiven but not Forgotten" by Joyce Brabury-Cooke --- [click on the book]

October 21,

Shandong Film & Teleplay Production Center, Producing Group of Documentary Weihsien Camp --- go to slide show [click on the picture]
(with captions)

October 12,

--- a copy of Peter Bazire's diary written 62 years ago --- --5 new pages and links ---

October 5,

--- a Video from Mary Previte: "The National WWII Museum - New Orleans" --- click here

October 4,

--- new chapter --- From Pamela Masters: click here with 9 more photographs of Weihsien Camp --- [click on the picture]

September 20,

--- a new chapter --- From Anne de Saint Hubert, Christian's daughter and Jacqueline's niece: [click here] [click on the picture]

September 4,

--- the map of China -- Pei-P'ing (PEKING) used by Father Hanquet after the war go to

September 3,

--- first letter home after Camp, October 5, 1945 --- [click here] , by Father Hanquet ---- (in French)

August 31,

--- a copy of Peter Bazire's diary written 62 years ago --- --4 more pages ---

August 26,

Our situation in the Far East (February, 1944) seen by the Belgian Red Cross: [click on the picture]

August 17,

--- a copy of Peter Bazire's diary written 62 years ago ---

July 12,

by Estelle Cliffe Horne

July 11,

more about Eric Liddell (in Chinese) ---
--- A Song of Salvation (in Chinese) ---
click here

June 8,

Topica archives for the year 2007 - up-to-date --- click here

June 6,

Topica archives for the year 2006 click here

May 16,

Photograph of the silver B-24, "Armored Angel" that flew over Weihsien on August 17, 1945 -- click here

May 12,

--- found a press article --- click here --- in dad's papers ---

May 12,

Albert de Zutter's visit to Belgium, --- click here

April 11,

More about our Weihsien-Camp's history --- click here

March 3,

new documents from Donald Menzi ---click here

February 15,

New Chapter ----------- Peter Bazire ----------- new chapter: click here

January 9,

Can you help identifying people in Greg Leck's book?
New Chapter ---------------------------------------------new chapter: click here

December 22,

Link to Story No.1 --- Pearl Harbor attack energizes ‘Nisei’

Link to Story No.2 --- Freed from one camp, he helps liberate another

Link to Story No.3 --- March to freedom filled with danger

Link to Story No.4 --- Veteran “went for broke” to serve country

Link to Story No.5 --- ‘Merrill’s Marauders,’ Nisei helped shorten World War II

Link to Story No.6 --- Soldier becomes ‘Armored Angel’, freeing prisoners

Link to Story No.7 --- Hiroshima 1945: Japanese-American officer finds old home an atomic wasteland


December 17,

--- a new article in the chapter: "The Magnificent 7" ---Soldier becomes ‘Armored Angel’ freeing prisoners
published in The Monmouth Message, (Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, December 8, 2006.)

September 03,

Chapter 6: FOOD

September 01,

--- a new chapter and a book thanks to Gordon Helsby --- click here

July 20,

Thanks to Google-Earth, [click here]- (In the "maps" Chapter)

July 16,

Look in the "BOOKS" chapter and click on the books about Weihsien ---

click on the picture to read the Weihsien episode ---

July 12,

National Public Radio interview about Weihsien [click here]

June 13,

James Moore, by Mary Previte, James Moore, By Mary Taylor-Previte

June 12,

New documents from Norman Cliff, a letter from the British Consul, 1937 ---

May 23,

Copy of an empty envelope found on the Internet --- and we found the original correspondence still in our possession: go to -->

April 26,

New document found in a shoe-box! Xmas card, 1943

April 15,

click on the last picture , Gay's visit to Brussels, see the photos, [click on the picture]

April 13,

about Eric Liddell, about Eric Liddell, by James Taylor III

April 12,

new about Hugh Hubbard --- about Hugh Hubbard [click on the picture]

April 9,

Beyond the Chariots of Fire ---go to

"The Arena of Eric Liddell", by James Taylor III

March 23,

New Chapter --- From Gladys Swift, go to -->

February 8,

Topica messages updated --> December 31, 2005

January 29,

--- and a marvellous publication, given to us by Mr. Li Yuejin and Mr. Wang Hao ---


January 28,

Maps --- click here --- click here

January 27,

--- and the end of our short visit to China --- Kite Museum

January 20,

--- a visit to Weifang --- photos --- visit to the "old" compound

January 18,

--- a visit to Weifang --- Arrival Shanghai and Weifang Kite Fabric ---> chapter I: The Kite Fabric ---

today: click on: and look for "NEW"

December 6,

new chapter and e-book: go to & bonne lecture ---

November 29,

Many more RedCross letters from Brian Butcher --- click here

November 22,

102 new photos ---- from: go to Joyce Bradbury and family ---

November 20,

new painting, go to from Brian Butcher

November 6,

new photos from Brian Butcher ---

November 4,

--- a new way of finding pictures and texts --- web-site-map

October 28

New sketches & new photos from Brian Butcher (click on the pictures)

October 27,

a letter from Father Raymond deJaegher, (click on the envelope)

October 22,

The magazine received in Weifang: go to --> - From David Beard ----- (click on the picture)

October 19,

Thanks to Father Hanquet: 3 new documents! -- go to -->

October 18,

new photo: go to [click on the picture]

October 14,

The Flying Tigers and their relevance to Weihsien C.A.C.read: click here

William A. Smith's
article in
"Asia and the Americas"
July, 1946

[click here]

October 5,

a new document from David Beard: go to

October 3,

- by Mary T.PREVITE
- by Stephen Metcalf


October 2,

--- new picture: go to - in Mary Previte's chapter ---

--- Transcription of Speech by Mr. Zhang Quanlin, Party Secretary Weifang Municipal Committee of the CPC, at Opening Ceremony of Liberation Day, August 17, 2005 go to --> [click here]

--- Stephen Metcalf's speech on video now! click here

--- Mary Previte's speech on video now! click here

--- two new "RedCross" letters from Brian Butcher --- click here

October 1st,

The Maltabella box --- go to

September 29,

James Taylor III's photographs ---

September 27,

Norman's visit to China --- May > June, 2005 go to -->

September 25,

new Red Cross message from Mary Previte's collection --- go to -->

and --- a new photograph from David Beard go to --> with all the names :-))

September 24,

Thanks to Brian Butcher: New sketch of Weihsien, Brian's badge and his memories ---- New Chapter ----

September 23,

Jimmy Moore's citation and an extract from Mary Previte's autograph book ----

September 22,

new in Mary Previte's Chapter: [click here] - go to -->

September 21,

Mary T. Previte's speech and a few more pictures --- [click here]

new group picture --- go to #180 --- and send me your name if you are not identified in the picture :-)) --- PS: d'on't forget the number just after the two "??" -- Thanks for your help !!

September 10,

--- a souvenir hankerchief --- go to ---> (click on the picture)

September 8,

new photos and more comming from:

September 3,

click here --- new sketches and new photos ---click here

click here --- a new search engine within the Weihsien-picture-gallery-web-site. If you are looking for something in particular, this might help ---

September 2, --- IRemember --- go to

+ photos --- go to --- captions ---

September 1,

New slide show: [click here] --- and many more photos ---

August 20,

+ new photos from Donald

- Two new paintings from Christine Sancton:

August 18,

4 new paintings from Christine Sancton:

August 18,

David Beard's aerial views of Weihsien - 1945 - click here

Donald Menzi's story of the day, click here

August 17,

Photos from Weifang,
and --- new paintings from Christine Sancton: