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Water colours -- locations -- from Joyce and Eddie Cooke's collection

Block#2, sketched by Joyce Bradbury, née Cooke.
"The staircase on the right hand side of the sketch was drawn by a priest, Father Keymolen who was my drawing teacher as I was having trouble drawing the stairway on the left." --- Joyce.

By Bobby Simmons, now Pamela Masters, 1944.

Joyce and Eddie Cooke's collection

Joyce's Autograph Book
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Prisoner of War & Internee Camps in the Far East.

... the ball field and the watch tower,
by Pierre Travers-Smith


Memoirs of a Teenage Girl Prisoner of the Japanese in China

© Joyce Bradbury (nee Cooke) was born 1928 in China with British citizenship. Following ... (please click!)

... © recopied in *.pdf with the author's permission.

Weihsien activities, by Tom Nott.

2005 - PHOTOS -

- 60 years anniversary
of the liberation of the Camp.

The Gate to Freedom,
by Mrs. M.S. Jamieson, 1944.

The honey pot man,
by Ursula Simmons, 1944.