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... about the people who lived there ...

One of the success stories of the internement period was the formation of groups of Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs.

One of the success stories of the internement period was the formation of groups of Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs.

THE SALVATION ARMY BAND included many non-Salvationists.
Every Sunday afternoon it played the well known hymns of the Christian Church at certain points of the camp.

When the end of the war was approaching the bandsmen practised a "Victory March", a medley of the various Allied national anthems. For obvious reasons the air to the tune was omitted. When the American parachutists arrived, the band was at the front gate to welcome the liberators with this Victory March and other suitable pieces.

A group of young men:

Marcy Ditmanson, Eugene Huebener, Bill Bonner, Norman Cliff, Raymond Costerus and Robin Hoyte

Front Row:
John HOYTE, David WARREN, -?-,

Middle Row:
Hakon TORJESEN, James TAYLOR, George BELL, Stanley THOMPSON, Douglas SADLER, Stephen HOUGHTON, Peter BAZIRE.

Back Row:

One of the success stories of the internement period was the formation of groups of Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs.

Front Row:
Kathleen STRANGE, ...

One of the success stories of the internement period was the formation of groups of Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs.

Front Row:
Ruth BELL, Marjory WINDSOR, ...

Cubs & Brownies

Back Row:
-?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, Joan THOMPSON, Josephine HOUGHTON, -?-,

Middle row (from left to right):
Elizabeth HOYTE, Jennifer BEVEN, Norman CLIFF, Evelyn DAVEY (Huebener), ...

Guides & Scouts
Front Row: (from left to right)
Margaret MUFFAT, Mary BALL, Evelyn DAVEY, -?-, Helen SMITH, Helen NEVE, Inez PHARE, Carrie MANN, Galina WILSON, -?-, Irene ROUSE, Mary SCOTT, Dorothy DISNEY, Gladys SHRICKLAND, Constance PAUL.
Middle Row: ...

Standing: (from left to right)
Eddy Cooke // David ???//Richard Jones//George Wats (Porky)//John de Zutter//Gui Chan//Mickey Marques//Johnny Beaten-Georgiles.
Peter Turner//Alby de Zutter ...

Rover Scouts
© Norman Cliff

Back row:
Robin Hoyte, Lawson Barnes, Norman Cliff, John Marchall, Jimmy Bruce.

Front Row:
Raymond Costerus, John Andrews, Dick Vinden.

Back Row:
Mary SCOTT - ? - ? - ? - Irene ROUSE - ? - ? - ?

Front Row:
-?- , Constance PAUL - Helen NEVE - Inez PHARE - Carrie MANN - Galina WILSON - Evelyn DAVEY ...

- ? -


At a meeting held on August 17th 1944 of the Weihsien Internees General Committee, which ...

John David Hayes
(23/0/1888 - 4/3/1957)

John D. Hayes was a Rhodes scholar and old Chefoo boy, who was a senior missionary among ...

Dr. John D. Hayes with his mother

Dr. John D. Hayes with his mother

Eric Henry Liddell
(16/1/1902 - 21/2/1945)

Eric Liddell was a missionary of the London Missionary Society and hero of the 1924 ...

Emily Bryant displayed her identification card she used to attend school during `WWII.

by courtesy of Mrs. Sandra Small née Roche
and Mrs. Susan Strange of the Smithsonian Institution ---

From: Henry R. Pietropaoli Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2016.I was looking through some old photos and found the attached photo sent to my great Aunt and uncle, Natasha and Fred Rumpf, from their friend and neighbor in Weihsien.

Father Emmanuel Hanquet as he was in Weihsien ---

"Que se passe-t-il ? Eh bien voilà. L'abbé Hanquet ― Manu pour la famille ― s'en va ! Manu, vous savez bien. Le toujours dévoué dans les œuvres, l'animateur de quelques troupes scoutes ― il est dangereux de les citer parce qu'on risque d'en oublier ― Manu l'ami de tous, le joyeux compère, le ― oserais-je le dire ― le chanteur comique ...

David Michell:

World War II officially ended 45 years ago on this date. The story that begins on page 2 tells of a youthful prisoner of war who is now reaching out to his former captors.

David Michell, far right
We invested our lives in Japanese youth," David Michell says of his years of ministry in Japan, first with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) and later as a campus worker with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

The dramatic World War II rescue of Weihsien prison camp, in Japanese controlled China, is remembered by inmate David Michell, who was 12 at the time. He was one of a number of children, separated from their parents, who were in the camp.

David Michell writes, 40 years later ---

A boy’s war: the story of a PoW.
THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Friday August 16, 1985.

Raymond DeJaegher,
A Catholic Missionary In China and Vietnam'
The New York Times, Friday, February 8, 1980

The Rev. Raymond J. DeJaegher, a Belgian-born Roman Catholic missionary and educator in China and Vietnam for many years and more recently a ...

Estelle Cliff's badge

Dorothy Selmes and son Hugh

Mrs Selmes kept a diary during her years at the camp.
"I wrote it in short hand so the Japanese wouldn't be able to read it," she said. "Towards the end of the war we were so weak, the sweat was ...

Norman Cliff's pass in Chefoo in 1942.

Father Rutherford:

... He loved to laugh, and laughed heartily and loudly. This happened when he told us about the time he had to undergo surgery: a trepanning ---
He said: "They opened my head and they didn’t find anything in ...

... of those who were born in captivity ...

... of those who died ...

General election of Camp Committee

Sketch of M.C. Halton -
When elected, he was: Chairman of the "Quarters" committee.
Later, this was Langdon Gilkey.
Sketched by C. Marshall

When elected, Mr W. Pryor, was Chairman of the Education Committee. Later it was E. McLaren.----
© Norman Cliff

When elected, Mr J.C. Stewart was: Head of Discipline Committee
© Norman Cliff

TED McLAREN (1902-1950)

Ted McLaren was born in Edinburgh on May 28th 1902, the scion of an ancient Scottish clan, and was educated at the Royal High School, Edinburgh. He excelled in all forms of sport but his speciality was Rugby Football.
In 1923/4 he played Rugger for ...

Mr. & Mrs. Lawless
© Clarisse Blair