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The Medical Regulation Re Roll Call

The bell which called the internees to Rollcall twice a day.

Attention.... Eyes front .... Number off ....

One of the features of camp life was Rollcall at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., held in six different parts of the camp. This sometimes involved numbering off in Japanese. In the Guard Room the totals of each section were chalked up, totalled and the number of internees working on shift or sick in bed were allowed for. Then the bell which had called everyone to Rollcall rang once again, authorising us to disperse.

Working Hours

Broadcast News 20 August, 1945
It was on the notice board 10 days after our liberation ---

Church Services

Talk on St Francis,

Youth Debate

Post Office

(18 August, 1945 --- perhaps the local political situation made the sending of letters unwise)

Issues of Coal and Firewood

Exchange of Ideas

Change of Accomodation
June 18, 1945
... a week after the escape of Hummel and Tipton. Chefoo scholars were now placed in the Hospital rooms which overlooked the countyside, and single men put in Block 23, etc...)


Democratic Camp Elections,

"White Elephant" Stock

Softball Team.
The Kitchen 1 players ...