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a visit to Weifang
January 2006 ...

We arrived the next morning just after breakfast and were greeted by Yves and Colette. Colette is Nicky's sister --- and our hosts live in Shanghai not very far away from Hong Qiao airport ---

from left to right: Nicky, Leopold, Colette and Yves ---

--- the city of Shanghai ---

--- two days later, we all took a plane for Quindao ---

Mr. Sui Shude and his chauffeur were waiting for us at the airport ---

We went to Weifang via a modern brand new express highway --- passing by villages --- and fields of young trees ---

First of all, we had a welcome lunch ---
Gargantuesque !!

from left to right: ---the chauffeur, Nicky, Mr. Shude's assisstant, Mr. Sui Shude, Yves and Colette ---

... excellent "Tsing-Tao" beer and no left-overs thanks to the "Doggy-Bag" technique ...

--- after this excellent meal, we registered at the Hotel ---

--- the afternoon was just begining ---
From the car window: (picture above) The Government Building. Mr. Sui Shude's office is on the 14th floor ---

--- we went through Weifang city ---

direction: --- to the Weifang Kite fabric ---


... this enormous dragon actually flies !

The roof tiles, ---
Nicky asked me to take a picture of the "cats".
... In fact, they are TIGERS --- a very respected animal in Shandong-province ---

... a stove ... Weihsien style !

... just this "one" stove to heat such a big volume ...

... a Winter sunset in Shandong province ...

--- the kite shop where we could buy only "one" hand-painted-silk kite ---

We came back to the Hotel and joined Mr. Li Yuejin, vice Director and Mr. Wang Hao, deputy Director ---
...for a very official Shandong dinner ---

Left to right ---
Nicky; Mr. Sui Shude, director of Translation Centre of Weifang Foreign Affairs Office;
Leopold; Mr. Wang Hao, deputy director of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; Mr. Li Yuejin, vice director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Weifang People's Government and Vice Chairman of Weifang Artists Association; Yves and Colette.

"Flying Peace"

"Flying Peace"
Before taking leave from Mr. Li Yuejin and Mr. Wang Hao we received this marvellous publication in Chinese and English:

"To the memory of the 60th anniversary of the victory of the World War II and the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the former Weihsien Concentration Camp."

... early next morning ... the view from our Hotel room ... a cold winter dawn in the City smog!...

... a friendly warning before the morning shower ...

... and after that the unbelievable Chinese breakfast. "mountains" of food -- vegetables of all sorts & various artistic preparations ... Chinese breakfast, British breakfast, French or "continental" breakfast ...

We were not drilled to eating so much in the morning !!