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briankerry59@yahoo.com [weihsien_camp]
Tue, 14 Jul 2015 at 15:24
[weihsien_camp] Re: Hugs for a hero

It is great that Mr Wang will be going to the 70th Anniversary events in Weifang. I look forward to meeting him there. Wouldn't it be fun if he could reenact his arrival of 70 years ago, but at age 90 that is too much to ask. Perhaps Mr Sui could arrange for a body double, like they used for the Queen's arrival by parachute in the London Olympic Stadium in 2012.

Has anyone received their official invitation and programme yet? Our trip is fully booked and paid for, but I am still awaiting mine! I hope to see many of you there.

Mary Previte mtprevite@aol.com [weihsien_camp]
Mon, 13 Jul 2015 at 21:57
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[weihsien_camp] Hugs for a hero [2 Attachments]

Sui Shude of the People's Government of Weifang hugs Wang Cheng-Han ("Eddie" Wang) in Mr. Wang's home in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, July 10. Mr. Wang was the 20-year-old Chinese translator on the American team that liberated Weihsien, August 17, 1945. The last living member of the liberation team, he is 90 years old.

With the help of Mr. Wang's grandson, Wang Qian (Daniel) I connected with "Eddie" Wang a couple of months ago. A miracle! How do you find a man named Wang among a billion and a third Chinese in China ?) In 1997, I found each of the six American members of the team, but had lost hope that I would ever find "Eddie" Wang, the seventh hero who liberated Weihsien.

Those of you who attended the 2005 reunion at Weifang will remember Sui Shude, Director of Foreign Affairs, whose planning and impeccable English made our visit so memorable. I had asked Mr. Sui to give Mr. Wang a hug from me. Mr. Sui is now coordinating the 70th anniversary, August 17 reunion in Weifang. He is in Guiyang making all arrangements for Mr. Wang's travel to and from Weifang. Mr. Wang's son will escort him.

Mr. Wang is donating his khaki duffel bag and a belt buckle from the 1945 rescue mission to be displayed in the Weihsien camp museum.

Also present with Mr. Wang this weekend has been a movie production team making a documentary movie about Weihsien Camp, a film which is expected to screen on China's CCTV channel probably in December.

Mr. Wang with his khaki duffel bag from the 1945 liberation of Weihsien. The letters USA are printed on the bag.

Mary Taylor Previte

suishude@126.com [weihsien_camp]
Sat, 11 Jul 2015 at 19:35
[weihsien_camp] Sui Shude is now in Guiyang to visit Eddie Wang

After nearly 3 hours flight, I arrived in Guiyang of Guizhou province in South-west China from Weifang with my coleague, while starting a good interview to Eddie and his grandson Danial Wang for two days with a TV group.

We will see Eddie in his home tomorrow morning, and I could not fall asleep now... ---

Sui Shude

suishude@126.com [weihsien_camp]
Sat, 11 Jul 2015 at 19:33
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[weihsien_camp] Sui Shude: will post photos taken with Eddie soon [2 Attachments]

At home, the old Weihsien hospital building is being repaired and furnished for an exhibition to welcome Weihsieners to the reunion.

Mary Previte mtprevite@aol.com [weihsien_camp]
Thu, 2 Jul 2015 at 19:12
[weihsien_camp] The story was published on July 2 on page 6 on China Daily [1 Attachment]
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Dear All
> attached is the pdf page of the story about Eddie Wang, pls check! do hope you will like it . Mary has contributed a lot to the birth of the story, please accept my best wishes and respect.

> cheers
> He Na

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