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2005 ...
David Beard's photos,

2005 - Plan of the CAC-Weihsien
... the little red dot is the location of the Eric Liddell Monument,

2005 - Banners draped in front of our Weifang hotel

2005 - "Group" photo
(the second photo is 5120 x 1182 pixels) copy/paste it or print it as you desire ...

2005 - "Group" photo

2005 - Dawei Birch and Dawei Beard in front of the main entrance of the Shaddy-Side Hospital or: Block-61.

2005 - "Group" photo - ex-Weihsien internees:

... the gentlemen - standing - from left to right:
Stanley Fairchild - Eddie Cooke - Michael Calvert - Neil Yorkston - James Taylor III - Gerald Walsham - David Beard - Peter Bazire - David Birch - Stephen Metcalf (in front).

... the ladies - standing - from left to right:
Beryl Welch Goodland - Maida Haris Campbell - Marian Bevan - Estelle Cliff Horne - Georgeanna Knisely - Diana (Walsham) Linley

... the front row:
Angela Cox Elliot - Ted Pearson - Mary Taylor Previte - Mary Hoyte Broughton.

2005 - "Group" photo - ex-Chefoo internees from Weihsien:

... the gentlemen from left to right:
Stanley Fairchild (Tianjin Import) - Neil Yorkston - James Taylor III - David Beard - Stephen Metcalf - David Birch - Peter Bazire.

... the ladies, from left to right:
Beryl Welch Goodland - Mary Taylor Previte - Mary Hoyte Broughton - Estelle Cliff Horne - Maida Harris Campbell.

From Margaret Beard,

The above were Americans representing the Flying Tigers who trained the Duck Mission, airmen who liberated the Weihsien Camp. Some of these people told me that they were descendants of a member of the original Flying Tigers.

[click on the badge (right) for more about the 'Flying Tigers']

2005 - Location of the foreground of this picture is roughly at the top right of the map where 'PLAN of the CAC Weihsien' is enscribed.

Sui Shude is in centre foreground. In the distance can be seen the site of the official welcome, which was in a large open area in front of where Block 23 used to be.

2005 -
We are greeted by No 2 Middle School students on our way to the dais for the official Celebration.
The No 2 Middle School Historical Exhibition House is to the left.

Floral hoop welcome.
Moving closer to the seating for guests in front of the official dais, we can see Middle School Historical Exhibition House ( a Japanese guards' residence during internment) on the left.

The Official Dais

The official dais backdrop display board of the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Weihsien Concentration Camp, August 17, 2005.

Close up of the large billboard promoting Peace, Friendship and Joint Development.

2005 - 'No 2 Middle School Choir' Massed voices of No 2 Middle School school girls.

2005 - 'Display in the foyer of Exhibition House'

2005 - Block 35, spruced up
Block 35 has had a major face-lift. To see it in 2003, almost in it's original state [click here]

2005 - Block 50.
Some friendly Weihsieners spontaneously join Margaret Beard for a photo op.
For more data on Block 50, [click here].

2005 - 'Margaret Beard and an elderly lady'

2005 -The Peace Monument in the Happy Way Square, with the names of all former internees of Weihsien Concentration Camp inscribed on the base, is the centre of much interest for both ex-internees and Weifang residents alike.

2005 - Wall of Remembrance.

The Wall of Remembrance is located at the outer boundary of Weihsien Tourist Park, to the left of the waterfall, with a stream flowing in front of it. In this close up, the central column, 6th down, lists: Beard D G (Aust) British M 15 Student

2005 - First Meeting of the Council of Friendship in Weifang.

2005 - James H. Taylor III speaks for H.K. at the Council of Friendship.

2005 - Shandong Foton Heavy Industries Co Ltd. This factory, based in Weifang, is a major producer of heavy machinery and exports to quite a number of countries.

2005 - Heavy Machinery: Foton Heavy Industries. James Broughton (son of Mary Hoyte Broughton) and Carolyn Christensen, his fiancee.

2005 - Fuwah International Conference Business Centre. This three dimensional model gives a visual display of the proposed Weifang municipal

'Ecological City Plan.' A key element is to deepen and improve the sluggish Wei river, which would benefit the flow of the stream which is to flow through Weihsien Theme Park. Use of the magnifying glass could be rewarding. Did you know that Weifang is successfully marketing itself as 'The Flower City & Vegetable Town'?

2005 - This shot is to the rear of the Peace Monument, and says 'Happy Way Square' (Ledao Guangchang).. -

2005 - the steps/platform on the river side of the 'Happy Way' Square, which leads down to the river.

'August 2005. The picturesque miniature bridge from Ledao Square ('Happy Way Square') to the former Shadyside Hospital, Block 61. This bridge is located approximately where the guard tower overlooking the hospital 'park' used to be. What a delightful irony: no longer 'Confinement Tower', but 'Liberty Bridge', leading to the freedom of Ledao Square and the Wall of Remembrance!

2005 - Tingzi and ornamental lake beside B61

2005 - The renovated Blocks 60/59 and 58

2005 - Blocks 60/59 and 58, joined by moongate

2005 - Block 61

--- It was from the opened window of the attic, once occupied by Norman Cliff and Stephen Metcalf, that wide angle Photo 208 was taken, giving a panoramic view of Ledao Park. ---

--- This wide angle shot of the new Weihsien Camp Tourist Park, taken from the window of the attic in B.61 where Norman Cliff and Stephen Metcalf were quartered for some time --- (See 206),

--- is the key to getting one's bearings. In the upper right is our bus, parked on Yuhe Rd Bridge. We walked down a covered walkway to the Peace Monument in Ledao Square, where the group photo was taken.--- (See 208) ---

In the background is an impressive mass of boulders surrounding a waterfall. To the left, but not in the picture, is where the Wall of Remembrance, listing the names and other details of all Weihsien Concentration Camp internees --- class="photo-01"> (See 184).

--- There is a stream in front of the Wall of Remembrance, fed, I think, by the waterfall. However, the riverbed is currently dry, because most of the water is temporarily piped underground whilst development takes place. Ultimately the river will have an improved flow, helped by the improvements being made to Weifang's Wei River, and should be navigable by small boats, which will be able to deliver tourists direct to the lower part of Ledao Square --- (See 200 & 198)

--- The small ornamental bridge leads one from Ledao Square to refurbished Shadyside Hospital --- (See 201)

--- and the ornamental lake --- (See 203),

--- which is adjacent to the refurbished Blocks 60/59 and 58 --- (See 204 & 205)

--- and to the Eric Liddell monument --- (See 209).

2005 - Combined Blocks 60/59 behind the Eric Liddell monument

2005 - Yangbai Village kite factory

2005 - A Colourful Kite in Production

2005 - The Three Goats, Symbolizing Prosperity. This four character Chinese phrase is used on New Year's Eve to wish someone a good year to come. The hope is that the New Year will usher in good fortune!

2005 - 'August 2005. Former Edgewater Mansions Hotel. taken from the rear (seaward aspect) to match up with the photo of Sept 1945. To view it as it was in 1945, [CLICK HERE].------------'

'August 2005. Former Edgewater Mansions Hotel, front view. Now known as Donghai Fandian (East Sea Hotel), it is for the exclusive use of Chinese military personnel on vacation. You can't gain access now - even to look around the foyer.

August 2005. The Donghai International Hotel, built in the 1990s at the side of the old Donghai Fandian, is an imposing structure of 35 floors with a total of 370 guest rooms and suites, all with a beautiful sea view.
We recommend it.