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2003 ...
from David Beard's archives,

2003 - Weihsien city gate, with new addition above

2003 - Eric Liddell memorial obelisk


Liddell was born in Tianjin, of Scottish parents in 1902. His career reached it's peak with his gold medal victory in the 400 meters event at the 1924 Olympic games. He returned to China to work in Tianjin as a teacher.
Liddell was interned in a camp at the present site of the Weifang second Middle School and died in this camp shortly before the Japanese were defeated in 1945. He embodied paternal virtues and his school life was spent encouraging young people to make their best contribution to the betterment of mankind.

2003 - 'Block-35, almost in it's original state' - 'This was a ladies' block.

2003 - Weihsien city gate, the other side ...

2003 -Former general store building now 'Weihsien Concentration Camp Memorial Museum'.

'The former internment camp general store, which prior to 1942 had been a missionary staff residence at the Ledao Yuan Presbyterian Chinese Bible School, is shown here in 2003 prior to it's new, 2005 function as the 'Weihsien Concentration Camp Memorial Museum', run by the Weifang Foreign Affairs Dept. It was officially opened on the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Weihsien Concentration Camp Liberation, August 17, 2005.

Sept 2003 - Weihsien camp. Block - 50 ...

Block 50 was a mens' dormitory block.
It housed an interesting range of characters, including the colourful George 'Pineapple' Alawa.
To see full list of residents, go to Index; Ron Bridge's chapter (Camp List), or [click here]. To see the oil painting of Block 50 done in 1943 by Fr Verhoeven, go to Father Verhoeven's chapter, No 7, or [click here].