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... the "second" before the last photo before leaving camp forever!
... I remember standing on the plaform of one of these trucks.
Just before passing under the Camp's Main Gate on our way to the airfield, dad said to me:
"Have a good look ... because you will never see this place again!"

... the "one" before the last photo before leaving camp forever!
Weihsien-born baby sister, Mary-lou, is already in the plane (a C-47) held by a gallant G.I. The two G.Is on the ground are helping my mother to climb into the same plane. Dad with his thick winter coat and Borsalino hat - waiting for his turn - seems to be laughing. The little boy next to him with the skinny legs: is me!

© By courtesy of the U.S. Army and historian: Greg Leck.

... and this is the very last photo of our family in Weihsien.

Mom is in the foreground holding baby MaryLou in her arms. I am sitting next to her and dad a little further, looking very thoughtful with his Borsalino hat on the pile of luggage just before him.
Next stop: Tientsin.

© Photo by courtesy: Greg Leck.

Mom used to tell us — and more often towards the end of her life — that before we left the Camp, a Jap guard told her, face to face, that it was true that the Japanese had lost the war, but ... that they would come back again.
And he said that when that time came … that they would catch all of us and put us into prison and that they would take all our possessions and that they would kill us!

Mom had another obsession ― besides stocking Sunlight soap bricks in the basement ― she said that "they" told us not to give too much love to our children because you never knew what could happen.

Now … she is longtime gone and I never asked her ... who "they" were … (?)