The  Fathers who lived in Block-56
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Weihsien, May '1945 Block-56, The Priest's Shack

From David Beard:
"I put my art lessons in watercolour painting to good use and
did a number of paintings of Weihsien Camp during 1943-45. All the others,
including one of the 'tingzi' (summer house) in front of Block 23, I think
it was, have been lost, but this survived because I had given it to Stanley
Nordmo as an illustration to go to publishers with a book draft he prepared
after the war on Weihsien Camp. I gather Stanley couldn't get a publisher to
take it on , but thanks to him, the picture has survived."

To see a photo of 'The Priest's Shack' taken in Sept '45, only a few months
after the painting was done, go to: Norman Cliff/people/individuals/Hanquet
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