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Teddy Pearson's
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--- From Don Menzi, --- (August 2005)
Stanley Fairchild has copies of a magazine article by William A. Smith, the artist with the OSS team who spent a month in Weihsien after liberation. It includes several of Smith's sketches, including the attached one, which he titles, "A Eurasian boy, one of my special friends" There probably weren't many Eurasian boys in the camp, and I'm curious to know if anyone recognizes the boy in Smith's sketch. The article includes some other sketches ---

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--- Cindy, Elizabeth, Teddy and Mandy our little shepherdesses who kept us on time and un-lost.

--- Greetings from the City.

--- Weihsien kids ---

--- Chinese little boy, the way I remember them.

--- Mary T. Previte ---

--- Weifang kites ---

--- Kite manufacture ---

--- Mary ---

--- Park monument ---

--- Angela, Teddy and a young girl born in this block as well.

--- Angela and Teddy

--- block 58 ---

--- Angela and Teddy near signpost outside the old Hospital

--- The Name Wall showing the Cox family. Angela's age is 6 years older than she really was, and her brother Kenny (who was 8) is missing altogether.

--- The Name wall showing the Pearsons all 4 of us. Frank Basil, Ruby Cox, Michael Frank, and E.T myself.

--- the wall ---

--- Angela with the Mayor of Weifang City in the Old Hospital.