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About the Author

James Jess Hannon enlisted in the U.S. Army 9 May 1942, honorably discharged 26 March 1946. As a reserve officer he was ordered to Fort Riley, Kansas to attend the first class at the Army Intelligence College, graduating with honors. War wounds from service in European and Pacific Theaters resulted in 100% totally disabled classification by the Veteran's Administration. As Parachute Infantry Officer, he served in Morocco, Algiers, becoming a Prisoner of War after capture in Italy. Held in a series of German Prison Camps, he escaped from Oflag 64, Schubin, Poland in 1945, made his way across Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, rescued in Cluj, Romania, returned home, asked to go to Pacific Theater by General George Marshall, worked behind Japanese Lines rescuing downed pilots and liberated 1500 Allied Japanese Prisoners. Mr. Hannon is the author of three published novels.