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Dorothy McLorn was a remarkable witness to several of the most epoch-making events of the 20th century, including two world wars and the Russian Revolution. Towards the end of her life, she penned a volume of memoirs...

Born in St Petersburg in 1900, she and her family were compelled to flee for their lives. from the Russian Revolution. Present in Ekaterinburg when the Tsar and his family were murdered, she only evaded capture by hiding in huge beer vats.

Chased eastward by the advance of the Bolsheviks, she endured long and arduous journeys that took her to Harbin (China), Vladivostock, and back to Harbin, where she met and, just two weeks later, married John McLorn.

In the early 1930s, Dorothy (by then a mother) was caught up in the Japanese invasion of China, and the family was interned at Weihsien till the end of the war.

The details of life in the camp, of strength and the determination to survive, to educate her children and not to be overwhelmed by despair, are at once harrowing and inspiring.

"An Intrepid Woman" also draws on a memoir by Dorothy's son, Philip

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