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__To the tune of the British Grenadiers –

Some talked of Evacuation, and some, I'm also told
Of hostile transportation to Peking's temples old.
But whatever information may reach this distant hill,
We're here in concentration, and bright and happy still.

Some talked of Nagaoka, and some of Mr. Wang,
Of Chong Shan or Messawa they gossip loud and long.
But of all Chefoo's great heroes, there's no one to compare
With the valiant Mr. Eggar, who brings us words of cheer.

Some talked of far Lourenco, and some of bare Cathay,
And some of Shanghai's compounds, so we didn't know what to say.
But of all the world's great places, there's nowhere with such thrill
As living in small spaces in Chefoo's Temple Hill.

------------------------------------------------------- Norman Cliff
[Written from Temple Hill camp when there were many rumours as to where we were going next]