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"The history of Temple Hill is perhaps best preserved in the poems and songs that the staff made up, and which we all enjoyed and sang with gusto".


                BUSINESS AS USUAL


        You may reside in Nottingham, or even Timbuctoo,

        At Singapore or Amsterdam or possibly Chefoo.

        But one thing can's escape you - it's come inside the door.

        You know it and you feel it - that everywhere there's war.



                So Vitamin or Vytamin, it does not matter which.

                Take A to Z variety and fill that empty niche.

                We're rationing for victory, and victory's on the way.

                It may be slow in coming, but it's certain as the day.


        We may be short of butter, but a substitute is found

        In Vitamins - peanuts - minced, mangled, sliced or ground.

        The price of food is soaring, but the Chinese chow is cheap.

        Just try the native tou fu, completely fit you'll keep.


        The Staff are all in training as table boys and cooks;

        The men with brush and dust pans, the ladies cookery books.

        The girls, they lay the tables, the boys they sweep the floor;

        The prepites eat their rations, and never sigh for more.