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James Taylor III in 2005 with the 1941-armband he had to wear according to the Japanese regulations of the time!

Mr. Pander Sr. a Belgian citizen in Tientsin also had to wear an armband. The logo was different, but it meant "B" for Belgian! ... [click on the picture]

B --- is for BRITISH:

James H. Taylor, III, wears the armband required for prisoners of the Japanese in Chefoo (now called Yantai), Shandong Province, China. Immediately after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, the Japanese commandeered the Chefoo School and its students and immediately required that when any "enemy alien" left the school campus he must wear an armband that included a large black letter to indicated his nationality -- B or British, A for American, etc. Taylor was a 12-year-old student when the Japanese took over the Chefoo School.

In order to transform the school into a Japanese naval base, Japanese later marched Chefoo School students and teachers in a very public humiliation to a secure internment camp in a Presbyterian Church compound elsewhere in Chefoo and then, in 1943, relocated the school to the Weihsien concentration camp also in Shandong Province. The camp in Weihsien (now called Weifang) had also formerly been a Presbyterian church compound that included a school and a hospital. In Weihsien, Japanese required internees to wear badges with prisoner numbers, not armbands.