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GIRLS FROM CHEFOO'S LOWER SCHOOL DORMITORY (LSD) are photographed in Tsingtao, 1945, shortly after their release from the Weihsien Civilian Assembly Center

Back row, from left to right:

Margaret Young, Christine Martin, Betty Patchett,

Middle row:

Audrey Beven, Jean Bruce, Jean Clow, Elizabeth Edwards,

Front row:

Marjorie Harrison, Mabel Andrews, Joyce Michell.

(Mary Taylor had been repatriated to her parents a month earlier.)

Elizabeth Edwards, fourth girl in the middle row, was daughter of China Inland Mission missionaries like most girls in the Lower School Dormitory in Weihsien.

Elizabeth became a well-known sculptor — brilliant work! — and a scholar. In later years she translated and published from original Koine Greek the four New Testament Gospels in a version called The Gospel for Hearers.

The introduction of this beautiful, hardback, 11 1/2” x 9” volume explains its purpose: “The original text is translated with the intention that it should be read aloud in a public forum. This approach recognizes the original expectation of the writers and is a subtle but powerful influence on the choices made during the translation.... The original authors never expected their words to be received in silence in the privacy of a bedroom or study.... The Gospel for Hearers is written as the original was, to be spoken.”

Mary Taylor Previte (October 30, 2019)