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Mary's audio and video memories ...

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August 16, 2005,
— all about Gao-Liang ---

August 17, 2005,
— Mary's speech at Weifang No.2 Middle School ---

... 1935 ...
— "... on our way to boarding school ..."

— life in camp ---

— Eric Liddell ---

— Liberation ---

— You are my sunshine ---


— Back home ---

— 2005, the 60th anniversary of our liberation ---

— Tad Nagaki's 90th birthday ---

My travel was far more exciting than I'd have liked. Fog canceled the last lap of my flight so in order to arrive in time for the Saturday celebrations at Alliance, I had to fly in to a small airport 50 miles away, rent a car, then drive it to Alliance in the dark and in the fog -- of course, in an unfamiliar car and on unfamiliar highways. Going home, I had to drive the 50 miles back to return the rental car. (Sigh!)

— 1998 POW Day speech, Lyons VA - Medical Center ---

— Abington Pa., Library, April 21, 2010 ---

— NPR interview, May 11, 2000 ---

May 11, 2000
Host Bob Edwards talks to Mary Previte and three Officers of strategic Services (O.S.S.) Paratroopers who liberated the Wieshin POW camp in China during the W.W. II. Previte, a former internee at the Japanese concentration camp has been tracking down surviving members of the OSS team that freed her in 1945.

— NPR interview, May 20, 2013 ---

Unabridged interview about Tad Nagaki at NPR by Mary Previte on May 20, 2013 ...

— On June 29, 11 a.m., BBC Radio 4 will rebroadcast a program it broadcast in 2011, which was called "Captured by Pirates." The pirates part was about a boatful of Chefoo School student who were captured by pirates on their way home from a holiday. This program also included a significant section about Chefoo School Girl Guides in Weihsien. I've asked Producer Beth O'Dea to forward to you for the Weihsien web site a link with this broadcast.

by courtesy, Beth O'Dea

Hello Mary,
We can't thank you enough for taking time to talk to us. Our audience absolutely loved listening to you. Here is the link to your interview if you'd like to share it with anyone.


Thank you again so much for sharing your time and your story.
All the best,
Susan Baldacci

by courtesy, Susan Baldacci

In August 1945 Japan surrendered to the Americans and World War Two finally came to an end. Within days, prisoners held by the Japanese in China began to be released. Among them, a young American girl, Mary Previte. She tells her story to Witness.