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James Taylor's photos
August 17, 2005

Zhang Xihong son of former sanitation worker speaks at friendship ceremony.

Evening theatrical performance.

Dancers at evening theatrical performance.

Former internees joined singers and dancers on the stage to applaud the theatrical performance that ended the August 17 celebration. For a finale, the troop san Auld Lang Syne.

A wall in the new park celebrates American liberators.

Mary Taylor Previte and James Taylor stand outside the bedroom occupied by James Taylor. Weifang officials have renovated the bedrooms and saved the block from demolition.

James Taylor visits a room in Block 60 where he lived with Grandpa Herbert Taylor.

The 2nd floor bedroom of the hospital where Mary Taylor Previte lived with Chefoo school girls in the Lower School Dormitory.

The basketball field outside the hospital has been transformed with flowers and shrubs.

Peter Bazire, Douglas Sadler, and James Taylor visit their former bedroom in the hospital.

This sculpture stands in the entrance of the Weihsien Exhibit Hall.

Mary Taylor Previte in the Exhibit Hall.

James Taylor at the monument to peace which includes engraved names of every internee.


Back row:
Joyce Cook Bradbury, Eddie Cook, Neil Yorkston, James Taylor, Gerry Walsham, Peter Bazire

3rd row:
Stanley Fairchild, Michael Calvert, Marian Bevan Lauchlan, Georgeanna Reinbrecht Knisely, David Beard, David Birch

2nd row:
Beryl Welch Goodland, Maida Harris Campbell, Estelle Cliff Horne, Diana Walsham Linley, Stephen Metcalf

Front row:
Angela Cox Elliott, Teddy Pearson, Mary Tylor Previte, Mary Hoyte Broughton


Back row:
Neil Yorkston, David Beard, David Birch, Peter Bazire

2nd row:
Stanley Fairchild, James Taylor, Stephen Metcalf

Front row:
Beryl Welch Goodland, Mary Taylor Previte, Mary Hoyte Broughton, Estelle Cliff Horne, Maida Harris Campbell