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Christmas Card, 1943 sent by Mr Pander Sr. to his family in occupied Belgium.
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-- This postcard went all the way to Europe, then at WAR.
-- By train, via Siberia;
-- Hitler had attacked Russia on June 22nd, 1941 and so the letter passed by Turkey instead;
-- The expedition address mentions: "ex-Victoria Road" which is to say that we were no longer living at our apartment - just on top of the Bank - and that we were prisoners of the Japanese -- someplace not mentioned ----
-- The date on the Chinese stamp is unfortunately not visible but the message is dated: October 10, 1942 --- and we were later herded with many others to Weihsien in March of the following year,
-- and also the Nazi-postmark acknowledging receipt of the postcard in Belgium and duly delivered to our folks by the Germans --- (when?)
-- My dad writes as if I was the writer. At one and a half years old I couldn't write! (of course) ---


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