Number 1 – March 1945

No copy of this communication was retained but in brief it read as follows:-

Have you been to the West and returned? Conditions in Camp little changed from time of your residence but wire increased although vigilance of guards less (stop). Although no indication of this at present could you, in the event of attempt being made to remove us from this Camp, cut communications?

Number 2 – March 1945 – Message en clear sent by O.D. Contents unknown


Number 2 – April 25th 1945

“Number 2 (stop) Acknowledge your number 3 – April 22nd (stop) Your Number 2 not yet received but understand it adjacent awaiting opportunity deliver (stop) Thanks news and efforts Chungking (stop) Medical supplies in camp adequate six months therefore do not contact Egger presently (stop) Your reference money deposits not understood – please elucidate – (stop) Agree communication difficult, in future act only on code messages with chop (stop)  Have been approached by local representative 8th Route who required report for Yenan on (a) camp conditions, (b) details your escape, (c) feasibility removing us all to Yenan (stop)   Have replied to (a) in detail, (b) nil, (c) have explained impossibility but thank for offer assistance (stop)   Use foregoing knowledge with utmost discretion (stop)  Camp conditions unchanged (stop)  Advise if any time you foresee prospects Allied action this neighbourhood likely affect us (stop) Our Number 2 – April 25th 1945”.


Number 3

“Your Number 4 received (stop) Post Box system working satisfactorily with carpenter (stop) Impossible us establish reliable alternative messengers so suggest you contact Police Office boy Han or shoe-repairer or other persons through carpenter (stop) Pass word arranged with carpenter for use with unknown contacts (stop) We are investigating possibility building radio receiving set and later transmitter for communication with you (stop) Following parts required:- 4 Type 606 tubes; 3 – Six-prong sockets; 2 fixed condensers .00025MFD; 1 Audio Transformer ratio 1/3; 1 Rheostat 10 ohms; 1 Fixed resistance – 2 Megohms; 2 sets of headphones; 8 dry bell batteries; - 1.5 volts (large cells) (stop)  Can you send us these and do you consider project feasible.

Our No.3 – May 7th 1945


Number 4

“Your Number 3 received (stop)  Our idea use radio only if Chinese contact out (stop)  Recommend greatest caution using Egger; Japanese suspect him and we are not permitted near him; all parcels carefully examined and covered by permit Tsingtao Consulate (stop) Expect January/February comfort possibly May (stop) First Red enquiry (a) details nationality ages etc. internees (b) details defence (stop) Replied (a) only (stop) Second inquiry more detailed questionnaire said emanate from Yenan (a) treatment by guards living conditions etc. (b) details defences (c) details your escape (d) suggested possibility removing internees Yenan. Replied (a) Treatment reasonable conditions fair (b) (c) ignored (d) thanked for offer but demonstrated impossibility by figures of old young and sick (stop). We have hedged and not committed ourselves this policy apparently successful as messenger subsequently indicated our reply satisfactory. We gather local representative relieved not required undertake removal (stop) Instruct your contacts confine conversations messages to de Jaegher or Tchoo this business being handed exclusively by them plus Halton Howard McLaren.

Our No.4 – May 14th


Number 5

“Your No.6 received (stop) Carpenter contact arranged verbally (stop) Deaths 15 (stop) Medical supplies received (stop) If we are left to fend for ourselves do you plan finance and/or feed us (stop) No Eastern news now coming in therefore request keep us posted (stop) Learn 8th know your whereabouts and showing excessive interest you (stop) Tubes (details) (stop)

Number 5 – May 19th 1945”


Number 6

“Your Number 7 – 8th received. Medicines delivered by Egger officially without query (stop) We confirm meat room contact Rations again reduced Joerg fully posted on recent visit (stop) Senior Japanese staff and guards now being changed (stop) Police nervy fear outside attack but generally friendly to internees.

Our 6  -  July 8th


Number 7

“Your number 9 received Will act accordingly

Our seven July 15th


Number 8

“As no contact Chinese internees selling gold silver personal effects to guards via Tchoo Goyas etc. for cash Surplus proceeds resold to other internees for cheques at FRB$250. to US$1.00 Camp price gold $210,000.00 Detail your proposition (stop) Indications new chief Police cooperative General treatment reasonable food inadequate breakfast bread water tiffin slim supper bread tea sometimes thin soup Heavy workers mothers feeling pinch Canteen supplies inadequate Can you finance or urge Red Cross Egger send in supplies which preferable to Comfort money (stop) No Chungking supplies required at present (stop) Your ten received.

Our eight July 24th


Number 9.

Your 11 received Very sorry hear your misfortune Interested learn cause (stop) In your our interest strongly disapprove your proposition in view (1) question American relations – see your number four (2) Prefer non committal policy for Camp (3) No contact Reds last three months would have to try contact through your messenger by Chinese letter which very dangerous (stop) Verbal message difficult probably impossible (4) Reds must discover representative is one of you and not from Camp thus suspecting double cross. As food etcetera situation here not yet desperate your immediate assistance not essential therefore can you with safety stay around quietly passing messages to from Egger Joerg and be available for final act Alternatively if situation too tough suggest you both contact Reds direct.

Your 12 received do not wish meddle with medicines or involve Egger (stop) Finance fairly plentiful presently (stop) May require few ounces against future contingencies Suggest delivery via neutral or walls. No urgency unless you breaking our contact

Our 9 – 30th July”