INWARD Messages


Number 1. – March 1945

No copy of the original message has been retained but it consisted merely of details of the code plus a statement that T. and H. had lost their chop.


Number 2

This message is referred to in their number 3 but had not been received up to 25th April 1945.


Number 3

“Have your code No.2 (stop) Your reply No.1 received. Carpenter’s letter also received (stop) Can cut railway only temporarily but to prevent movement of Camp cooperation of Air Force necessary Matter referred to Chungking (stop) Philippines occupied now fighting Luchus. – Chinese advancing Honan Hupeh – Allies 50 East West of Berlin – Treatment civilians in Philippines  ensures all possible help from Chungking for you (stop) Air shipment from Chungking includes money mail medicines for you – radio for us (stop) Medicines needed, if on hand, will be sent through Egger (he knows nothing) – deposits to accounts being made (stop) Communication difficult essential restrict contacts with Carpenter to our business only (stop) With 15th Tsung Tui, Chang I Hsien, April 22nd. Date and number letters.”


Number 4

“Your No.2 received (stop) Have interviewed Carpenter with object speeding up communications (stop) Suggest you arrange place where he can pick up and deliver notes without waiting for suitable opportunity for personal contact (stop) Do not use him for contact with 8th Route or any other business (stop) Investigate and advise us of other possible means of contact as precautionary measure; payments to carpenter arranged here (stop) American government recently expressed strong disapproval of 8th Route (stop) Berlin occupied (stop)

No.4 – April 30th


Number 3

“Your number 3 received (stop) We will find out if parts obtainable but we do not consider this enterprise worth the danger involved (stop) Advise when you receive small trial medicine parcel through Egger; we are also supplying him with money for all your Tsingtao purchases (stop) Please confirm that Comfort money will be resumed this month (stop) Give full particulars all correspondence with Reds (stop) Germany surrenders on eight, Mussolini and Hitler dead; Polish question: very serious situation between England/Russia.

Number 5 – May 11th


Number 6

“Your No.4 received (stop) Tubes required unobtainable suggest another type (stop) If carpenter fails contact will be made over North wall to vineyard signal whistle time noon dates ending 1 and 6 (stop) Give number deaths since June in future give names of deaths (stop) For your attention Tchoo buying saccharine and victrolas bring though carpenter.

Number 6 – May 15th 1945”


Number 7

“Your No.5 received (stop) How were medicines delivered (stop) Representative from Chungking now here discussing means of protecting and financing Camp We expect decision before end of June Your plans for radio strongly disapproved (stop) Rangoon Foochow recaptured Still fighting Luchu Islands Troops equipment moving from Europe to Pacific (stop) Suggest messages unless urgent be restricted to two or three times a month.”

Number 7 – May 20th 1945”



“No reply received our Number 7. We are arranging contact in meat supply room Chinese with towel on left side of belt will give letter to foreigner with towel on head (stop) Please confirm through channel by which you receive this.

July 7th – No.8”



“Your six received. A contact will be made trough meat room but keep this open also do not tell either of the other

Our nine July 12th



“Your seven received understand Tchoo selling gold Japs if we supply how much can you use Tsingtao price $170,000. an ounce (stop) Report on present conditions reduction rations etc. Meat Room contact not settled but keep watching (stop) Advise if anything from Chungking that can be brought by Egger (stop) Luchus finished landing anticipated either Japan or China

No.10 – July 20th



“This area recently suffered heavy losses and possibilities of future help to you uncertain Our radio contact Chungking has been cut therefore one of us may go to Reds with object of going to Chungking (stop) Please contact Reds immediately and find out if they will send one of us as representative of Camp to Yenan (stop) Do not indicate yet that the proposed representative is not in Camp Under no circumstances tell anyone that we are concerned as our position here as regards Reds is delicate.

No.11 – July 24th



“Your 12 received Meat room temporarily postponed (stop) Situation here slightly better but keep trying Red contact (stop) Our idea send in ointment through Egger Do you want (stop) Will see what can be done re food situation but since radio gone contact very slow.

Our 12 – July 27th