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Courtyard of the Happy Way

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N. H. Cliff, 1998

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N. II. Cliff 1925 -

ISBN 0 9533295 0 X

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Kall Kwik Printing, 8 Station Parade, Victoria Road, Romford, Essex RM 1 2JA

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Courtyard Publishers, P.O. Box 26, Rainham, Essex RM13 9EN



Cover picture by courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London



Dedicated to the memory of


ERIC HENRY LIDDELL (16/ 1/ 1902 - 21/ 2/ 1945)




(23/ 2/ 1888 - 4/ 3/ 1957)

who inspired me by their faith and

example in Weixian Camp, 1943 1945








It gives me great pleasure to write this Foreword to Prisoners of the Samurai.


Here is a most informative book dealing with the Japanese camps of civilian internees in China. It is a unique record of the hardships and brave endurance of the men, women and children who suffered in World War II at the hands of an enemy, which was ill prepared for the custody of some 11,000 people in the dozen camps scattered in various parts of China.


Their accommodation, food and general living conditions fell far short of their basic needs as civilian prisoners, but they bravely improvised and stretched what little they had to keep themselves alive. The young people studied with little in the way of books, paper, pens and equipment; and they took examinations in their cramped conditions which subsequently gained high marks in British institutions of learning. The adults learned new languages and skills in Adult Education classes.


Here is a story of both suffering and ingenuity. For nearly four years these people were forgotten and left to struggle on amid malnutrition and disease. But they faced their ordeals courageously, and after the Allied victory came they returned to their home countries to restart their lives, having lost all their possessions.


Having been a military prisoner myself and also having survived harsh conditions, I have nothing but admiration for these civilian prisoners.


I wish this informative book much success. May it tell its story to the children and grandchildren of the camp survivors, who must tell it to their children, so that this story of tragedy turned to triumph may be passed on to future generations.



Sydney J. Tavender,

Vice Chairman,

Japanese Labour Camp Survivors of Great Britain.