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N.J. General Assembly,
Reunion with Jim Moore, May 1998

You'll see that near the end, the images break up, The cameraman told my legislative staff that he was weeping so much that he couldn't focus his camera. Use what you can. I don't think you need to post the ending when Jim Moore makes complimentary remarks about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Let me mention that Jim Moore had been an agent of the FBI before going to China. The FBI creates a culture of passionate loyalty among its members. The surprise reunion was arranged by Assemblyman Peter Barnes, a retired member of the FBI Think of this: The retired FBI agents association paid to fly Jim Moore and his wife from Dallas, Texas, to New Jersey for this reunion.

One of the women on the platform with me is State Senator Barbara Buono. The other woman is the Clerk of the General Assembly and it was Assemblyman Peter Barnes who organized this reunion with Jim Moore and me.

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