Obituary of Christian de Saint Hubert
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C. Wright

Obituary of Christian de Saint Hubert:
*** Christian de Saint Hubert was born in Tientsin, north China, in April 1927. His father Georges and mother Lucie were born in Belgium. His father served in the Belgian Army during World War I, married soon after the war and then moved to China. In China, he worked first as an engineer in a Belgian railway company but later managed a Belgian bank. Christian spent the first 19 years of his life in China, including three years (1943-45) in a Japanese concentration camp at Weihsien (now Weifang). For years afterward, he needed medical help because of spine problems resulting from time in the camp. (Coincidentally, his future wife, Sonia de Souza Bandeira, spent the first ten months after Pearl Harbor in unpleasant custody in Japan as a consequence of being the daughter of a Brazilian diplomat resident there; these foreign diplomats were exchanged at Laurenco Marques in 1942 for Japanese diplomats interned abroad. Sr. de Souza Bandeira then was posted to Miami, FL, as Vice-Consul.) Christian studied law and political science at the universities of Brussels and Geneva, from which he graduated in 1952 and 1953, respectively, with a Ph.D. in law and an M.A. in political science. (His parents remained in China until the victory of the Communists, when they returned to Belgium.)
extract from "Warship International" issue No.2, 1994
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