Mar 23, 2002 10:47 PST 


Hi friends,

Please go to to view and download my photographs. Pages 1 and 2 show the small thumbnail copies of the photographs. Click on a thumbnail to access the larger version of a photograph. To save a photograph on your system, in Microsoft Internet Explorer you can go to the larger photograph, right-click on the photograph and then choose 'Save Picture As'.

Thank you to everyone who gave me their advice. We may be able to update the web site with higher quality BMP files at a later date.

See below for the list of photographs. As I am new to the list, I have not seen other people's collections, so I don't know if some of these are duplicates or not.

Christine Talbot Sancton and son Rob –

Weihsien photographs
 Chefoo groups: from David Michell

1) 25 Brownies outside #13
2) Camp Band
3) Chefoo Prep School Children, David Michell back left
4) Rovers and Rangers 20 in all, outside # 13
5) 18 Rangers
6) 36 Rovers and Rangers, outside #12/13
7) Scouts and Cubs
8) 17 Cubs & Leader
9) 25 Girl Guides & 2 Leaders outside #13
10) 8 Scouts
11) 16 Scouts & Leader outside #13
12) Arrival in Tsingtao & boarding buses for Edgewater Mansions Hotel by
Chefoo students
13) Tsingtao arrival by train September 25
Others from David Michell:14) Camp Church
15) Market after end of War outside front gate
16) Girl near #18
17) Supplies being dropped Sept. 1945
18) Block 23, parachute drop
19) Block 23
20) Eric Liddell’s room (and Eric Liddell?)
21) Eric Liddell’s grave

From Ida Talbot:
22) Over looking camp from Block 23 tower
23) Over looking camp, 3 figures in foreground
24) Milling crowds
32) Ida and 4 friends 1945

From Ida Talbot/David Michell:
25) Kitchen II
26) 4 unidentified people by Camp Gate
27) Road Outside Camp
28) Searchlight Tower
29) Camp Hospital
30) Hospital and walls
31) Camp Bell War Block